Student Learning Continuity Program

Weekly Radio Schedule

Here is the radio schedule for broadcasts on SIBC daily at 9am and repeated at 7pm. Topics will be updated weekly:

MAY 11-15

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Level ECE/PPY Year 1-3 Year 4-6 Junior Secondary Senior Secondary

Listen Live

You can listen to the SIBC online at


Advice for Home Learning

  • Set up an age-appropriate learning space
  • Set up a daily schedule for learning. In addition to listening to the SIBC Learning Continuity Broadcasts, consider using a learning schedule from Khan Academy, which has ideas for different levels of school:
  • Inclusive Education - here are some tips for parents to help support learning at home, including children with learning (Intellectual Disability), focus, behaviour, and attention challenges, specific learning difficulties, and physical, hearing and vision challenges:

Tips for parents of children with disabilities - Supporting learning at home

SIBC Learning Continuity Program Podcasts

Click on the buttons below to be taken to the Home Learning Continuity Program radio podcasts for each level:


Learning Packages

Learning Packages have been put together to be used in case of school closures or interruptions.

Each Learning Package is available in MS Word or PDF copies to suit your own device.

Schooling Level MS Word File PDF File
ECE ECE Home Learning Pack Word ECE Home Learning Pack PDF
Lower Primary Lower Primary LCP Word Lower Primary LCP PDF
Upper Primary Upper Primary LCP Word Upper Primary LCP PDF
Junior Secondary Lower Secondary LCP Word Lower Secondary LCP PDF