Covid 19 Information for Schools

Information for School Leaders:

School Leaders in Emergency setting


Latest Communication from NDOC – Education:

The following PDF documents have important information for EAs and Schools. They will be updated as new information is released:

Communication 66: Contains updates for schools following the most recent COVID-19 cases, national examinations, the SISEE task force visits to EAs and schools and the early closure of the 2020 Academic Year.



  • When will the schools in Honiara resume it’s studies?

    • Please see the document ‘Circular 9’ from the 8th May on this page for details about schools reopening in Honiara.

  • Yes! This is good ” keeping-in-touch” & advisory information for Sch leadership including parents at home.
    Will continue linking/reminding us, our Leaders & stakeholders to continue on with observing, following & applying the Practices.

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