Social Studies

What Happens in Parliament?

The Solomon Islands Parliamentary Civics Education Unit has prepared a series of resources to assist students and teachers in understanding the steps involved in passing Acts of Parliament in Solomon Islands.

The resources are aligned with the Year 8 (Form 2) Social Studies sub-strand 'National Government'. At this level, students are expected to know the political machinery and parliamentary processes in Solomon Islands. To this end the resource books directly relate to the following national outcomes:

Year 8 Social Studies Sub-strand 8.5 The National Government Describe the roles of the Prime Minister, Cabinet and the Opposition Group Outline the processes by which laws are made in Parliament Define the terms Executive, Legislature and Judiciary, Political Parties and Parliament Committees Explain the role of political parties and Parliament committees and how they function

Teacher Resource Booklet Student Activity Booklet Teacher Support Documents

Download PDF: Teacher Resource Booklet

Download PDF: Student Activity Booklet Download PDF: Teacher Support Documents