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The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development has recently released two documents which are intended to help parents support their children both during the COVID period and in general everyday life.

They are available for download below:

A Guide for Parents to Support Children In the Times of COVID-19

Bringing up children is never easy. It is even more difficult to look after children in these challenging times of COVID-19 pandemic. If you care for children with disabilities you may need some extra support. Every child is special. But children with physical, visual, hearing, intellectual, behavioural or communication disabilities may need extra love, patience and assistance.
This document has some useful information that will help you support children with disabilities to achieve their goals.

Download the Guide for Parents – COVID-19


Keeping My Child Safe, Healthy, Happy and Learning – Tips for Parents

This document has a list of tips for parents to help them stay safe, healthy, happy and learning during this time. It contains tips:

  • for all children
  • for children with difficulty learning
  • for children with difficulty paying attention
  • for children with behavioural difficulty
  • for children with difficulty hearing
  • for children with difficulty seeing
  • for children with physical disability

Download the Tips for Parents PDF


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