Pre-Primary Year

Syllabus and Curriculum Framework

Download the PPY Syllabus PDF: pre-primary syllabus_compressed

Teacher's Guides

Download the PDF file Introduction to the PPY Teacher's Guide: PPY TG1 Introduction_compressed

It contains instructions for how to use the guide, a timetable, and information on processes and skills, as well as values and dispositions.

Resource Books

This Resource book has been split into two sections to make downloads smaller and faster:

Part 1 includes:

  • Section 1: Rhymes and songs
  • Section 2: PPY Value Stories
  • Section 3: Stories
  • Section 4: Mission Stories
  • Section 5: Information Texts

Part 2 includes:

  • Section 6: Extra Stories
  • Section 7: Piksa Stori Baebol
  • Section 8: Christian Education Lessons
  • Section 9: Games and Physical Activities
  • Section 10: Resources
  • Section 11: Resource Making


Pre-Primary Year Support Resources

We would like to thank Pedro Pablo Sacristàn for his support of the Pre-Primary Year Program by allowing us to adapt stories from his website: