Year 7-9 Learning Continuity Packages

Session 16: Narrative Writing – Continued

For this radio session we will continue with narrative writing as introduced in last week’s session. What did we talk about last week?


Let’s briefly recollect the lesson:

  • First we briefly introduce story writing- what it is, how we organise paragraphs, and the things we normally gather together to make up ideas in the paragraph.
    • Example: The most exciting trip I have taken to an island/ city/
  • Hints on the topic
  • What goes into stories? Stories can be about anything. They can be written down or verbal. They may be in diaries. They can even be the latest gossip.
  • In narrative writing, people also write about interesting events, activities attended, trips, adventures, which become the topic of writing.
  • Where there is no real event or activity to talk about, there is no harm in making up a story using your own imagination.


Sample Topic: The most exciting trip I have taken to an island/ city.

  1. Introduction: setting the scene
  2. Content paragraphs:
    • What makes it exciting? Riding in a boat for the first time? Seeing new things/ new people/ eating new food; Trip- where does it start? How the trip was facilitated – by boat, by train, by car?
    • Paragraphs organised according to time and events.
  3. Conclusion:
    • Why the trip was exciting/why you would like to do the same thing again?
    • What inspirations you have gained?

So how does these points connect to our next lesson today?

Let us listen to the story for today: The most exciting trip I have taken to a city.

Out of all the interesting things I did in 2019, one of the most exciting things for me was taking a trip to the Capital Territory of Australia, Canberra, which is 189 km from the city where I was studying. The trip allowed me the opportunity to discover, learn about and enjoy many things.

I left my apartment for the trip on the 7th of February. It was on a bright Thursday morning, and the thought of going alone to a big city by myself was already an exciting feeling. I had been awake to prepare for my departure since five o’clock in the morning, packing all necessities into my travelling bag. By six o’clock, I was already  dressed in my travel suit, waiting for my taxi.  I boarded my taxi at my apartment around 7:30am, and rode  cheerfully to the Coach Station in the middle of the city.

Arriving at the coach station, I was thrilled to see my transport already waiting.  I checked in with five other passengers, and noticed that it had very slick and comfortable chairs that could make one fall asleep instantly. I was seated comfortably in one of the middle seats near the window feeling very joyful and satisfied. At exactly 8am, the driver announced our departure, and immediately,  we  boarded. I leaned back, closed my eyes, and committed the trip to God. 

The trip to Canberra was both exciting and fearful for me. As we took off, I could not keep my eyes off the road, marvelling and taking pictures of strange but beautiful things I could see.  I was amazed by the vastness of the land, and the endless stretch of  smooth highways that kept going. I have not seen roads that were kept smooth, clean and stretching forever to eternity. The most fearful part of my trip was when we had to drive through the  edges of the mountains of the famous Macquarie Pass, and with its smooth, lengthy winding pathways, the driver kept accelerating, and this made me to feel very uneasy and scared. I remembered holding my breath  each time we passed, fearing the danger of sliding  into the deep valley directly below us.

Arriving at the Capital Territory of Canberra was another  exciting part of the trip,  where I was taken to visit many places and sites.. On Friday, my friends drove me to visit the Solomon Islands Embassy in Canberra, and to see the beautiful Canberra—based universities, including Australia’s  Parliament Complex, the War memorial, Canberra-based universities. On Saturday, we visited the Aboriginal’s Embassy , which was located near the parliament complex.  I was inspired and took many pictures to remember the wonderful places in Canberra. I left Canberra on Monday  the 10th of February via train back to my university.

Recalling the trip, I realised I have learned a great deal, and was more inspired to travel more. I learned that in Australia, there are many interesting places for visits, and because of good roads, one could go any where they wish to. I was grateful I had the courage to travel alone, and this gives me more confidence in life.

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  • This is great learning site Jessie,
    thanks indeed

  • Congratulations on this great work! Other countries in the region can learn from the Solomon Islands work here.

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