Year 7-9 Learning Continuity Packages

30th July, 2020: Session 9

Student Learning Continuity Program
Student Learning Continuity Program
30th July, 2020: Session 9

This is the 9th session of the SIBC Student Learning Continuity Program for Years 7-9, made possible by MEHRD.

Presenters: Rose Paia, Vissy Tupou and Georgina Pita

The session is a continuation from last session – the importance and value of education.

Ask yourself why you are learning so many things at school and even at home with your families. Why are you learning things every day?

  • Agriculture: Will it take you somewhere in life? Your career? Helping your family grow healthy food in your gardens? Ensuring food supply for your community?Agriculture gives you the knowledge and skills to do these things.
  • Home economics – health, good of your family, your own body, how to manage your household in the future
  • Christian Education – God Save Solomon Islands, our success as a nation comes from our Christian values and principles and Christian teachings. Respecting people of other faiths and religious groups. Learning about respect, sharing, love for enemies and hard work. Stewardship of God’s creation.
  • English – language is the key to communication and connecting to the people around. It enables us to connect with people from other countries who cannot speak our language. It helps us to trade and share goods and services that we need for the nation. Drives our development.
  • Business, Health Studies, Social Studies and Science – information and skills to help us reach our goals.

We can contribute to the building of our nation through learning and developing our skills. We each need to contribute to move forward.

Family – emphasized because our life begins there. It is the most important place where teaching happens.

Community – our villages, our towns and cities form one larger nation, united under the Solomon Islands flag.


Task from last session:

Write words as a prayer or a song about your family and your community.

Reflections from Vissy and Rose about prayers and songs that are important to them.

Vissy – family prayers are important in reminding family members about God. Through praying to God everyday we can live the life that we want. Our country is a Christian country and we believe the power of prayer is evident in our country. All things are possible with God.

Rose – Why are songs and prayers important?

Rose –  Our National Anthem is a very important song. It is also a prayer:

God Save Our Solomon Islands from shore to shore. Blessed all our people and all our land.

It is inclusive – no one is left out, everyone is included in the song which is a prayer for the nation.

It is not just an anthem. It is a prayer. We are praying for the country:

God Save our Solomon Islands from shore to shore

Blessed all our people and all our lands

With your protecting hands

Joy, Peace, Progress and Prosperity

That men shall brothers be, make nations see

our Solomon Islands, our Solomon Islands

Our nation Solomon Islands

Stands forever more.


School Anthems are also important. What is your school or college song?

We can also have family anthems. Can you write a song or poem about your family?

In Solomon Islands, we have our extended families to care for us as well. Our wantok system is a great blessing to us.


Home Learning Activity:

For the next radio session – refresh your knowledge on writing styles

Find a context for your writing.

Think about ideas connected to the family. Your writing ‘theme’ is “My Family”.

Begin your writing skills by refreshing your knowledge of paragraph writing.

Start with the statement: “My family is important to me”.

To write the paragraph – expand on this sentence. The next sentences must support that sentence. Why is your family important to you? Find three reasons and explain them. Give details or examples about these reasons. Use linking words to help you make each reason clear. Eg. Firstly, secondly, thirdly, etc. Lastly, finish with a concluding sentence.

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  • Congratulations on this great work! Other countries in the region can learn from the Solomon Islands work here.

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