Year 7-9 Learning Continuity Packages

20th August, 2020: Session 12

This is the 12th session of the Student Learning Continuity Program for Years 7-9, made possible by MEHRD.

Presenter: William Eta, Joylyn Ben and Gina Buro Piti

Topic from previous weeks: Paragraph Writing

Take home activity topic: My education is important to me because of three important reasons.

Expected learning outcomes:

a. connect the topic sentence smoothly with the supporting details or sentences.
b. connect the supporting details with each other smoothly (using connective words and phrases).
c. connect the supporting details with the concluding sentence smoothly.
d. use appropriate joining words and phrases to connect sentences smoothly within the paragraph.
e. explain the importance of paragraph unity
f. explain what paragraph cohesion or unity is and how this could be achieved in a paragraph.
g. Identify joining words and phrases. In our last session, we were introducing the importance of unifying all your ideas in the paragraph.

Sample Paragraph:

Education is important to me because of three important reasons. Firstly, through my education, I have learned important knowledge and skills. For example, over the years since I began learning in schools, I have developed better knowledge of the English language and I have also improved my speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in English. Secondly, my education enables me to meet different people with different ways and behaviours, and to build positive relationships with them. Thirdly, my education is important because through my knowledge of the subjects learned, I was able to identify my career pathways. In other words, I was able to choose my career in teaching English because I was always interested in English and working with other learners. All in all, my education is important because it has enabled me to be where I am today.

Before we proceed to the next part of the session; it is important to realize that paragraph writing occurs as a way to organise or convey information in all types of writing.
Therefore, the steps in paragraph writing can be applied wherever you are writing for any purpose at all.
Important: each writing style has its unique way of using paragraphs

Next topic: Introducing Essay Writing

What are some of the common styles of writing you have learnt in English and other subjects?

Narrative, letter writing, descriptive writing, personal reflection, points of view, script for a formal speech, expository/exposition writing.

Steps for an Exposition Essay:

What is expository writing?

This is a style of writing in which writers are asked or given a topic to think critically, and reflect on your opinion on the matter, and deliver/present a clear, concise argument on the matter.

It is one of the most systematic type of writing – meaning- because writers are required to explore an idea, evaluate the evidence, elaborate on the main idea, and state the arguments.

Step 1. Understanding the topic
a. read, and underline key words in the question
b. define key words

Step 2. Identify and understand steps in planning the writing
a. forming an opinion
b. identifying key points/reasons

Step 3: drafting the introductory paragraph
a. restate the topic in a general statement
b. developing the thesis

Exposition sample


Education is important for development.
Discuss three ways education can help the development of a person, community, or a nation.

Steps in planning and writing exposition essays:
Step 1. Planning:

read topic focus on the topic, underline key words in the questions/ – form an opinion- what do you think? Do you agree that Ed is important for development? Education vs development.

Step 2: Reasons for agreeing or disagreeing( argument)
– Reason 1: Human resource development: personal empowerment
– Reason 2: Improvement in standards of living
– Reason 3: Nation Building- economic

Step 3: Drafting the essay

– by drafting/ introducing the essay topic in the introductory paragraph
– making a general statement on the topic; means re-stating the topic in your own words; example:
– Defining key
– Thesis sentence: This is where the writer tell the readers what will be covered.


Education is the key to developing people and the community. In other words, Education refers to the process of learning which helps people to acquire important skills and knowledge to help improve individual’s lives and their community. This essay will elaborate three main reasons why education is important for development.


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