Year 7-9 Learning Continuity Packages

18th June, 2020: Session 7

Student Learning Continuity Program
Student Learning Continuity Program
18th June, 2020: Session 7

Presenters: Rose Paia, Adrian Dorovia and Georgina Pita

This session is a summary of the previous lessons on the topic of Growing Food for Health, Self-reliance and Food Security. 

The acrostic poem used in previous sessions is the structure of this summary lesson. Each letter of the word PHOTOSYNTHESIS is given a sentence about one aspect of photosynthesis starting with that letter.

Then the presenter will explain each point in more detail. Please listen to their explanation. The main points are summarised here as the acrostic poem:

Acrostic Poem on Photosynthesis:

P: Plants Produce healthy food as producers in our environment

H: Healthy food is important for healthy living and life

O: Oxygen is the by-product of the photosynthesis process

T: Through leaves, food is manufactured and transported to all parts of the plants

O: Our life and our breathing system depends on oxygen

S: Sugar or glucose is the main product of photosynthesis

Y: Yam is an example of a healthy source of energy food we eat, which is a product of photosynthesis

T: Tomatoes are protective food, good for our eyesight, and they are by-products of photosynthesis

H: Home-grown food is nutritious, so grow your own food

E: Energy from the sun is trapped by a green pigment called chlorophyll

S: Sunlight, as a source of energy for plants, is readily available in Solomon Islands

I: In this inclusive food making process, all living things can survive

S: So, students, share it, spread it, and send the message to your family, community, and friends


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  • This is great learning site Jessie,
    thanks indeed

  • Congratulations on this great work! Other countries in the region can learn from the Solomon Islands work here.

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