Year 7-9 Learning Continuity Packages

15th July, 2020: Session 8

Student Learning Continuity Program
Student Learning Continuity Program
15th July, 2020: Session 8

This is the 8th session of the SIBC Student Learning Continuity Program for Years 7-9, made possible by MEHRD.

Presenter: Georgina Pita

English, Health, Home Economics, Science, Agriculture, and Christian Education have been combined or ‘integrated’ in our last sessions.

English – using verbs and giving instructions.

Health – equips us with knowledge about how to live a healthy life.

Science – explains how food grows in the gardens because of the photosynthesis processing.

Agriculture – how to care for the soil, choose a good place to grow vegetables, and how to care for the plant as it grows so that it is healthy.

Christian Education – We are stewards of God’s creation – the environment. Just as we are blessed with the environment, we have the responsibility to care for it.


Why are we using the radio to help with learning?

The focus of this session is on our homes. Our home is our classroom. We can learn wherever we are. Education – the practice of teaching and learning doesn’t just happen at school. It can happen everywhere. Our willingness to learn is important.

Ask yourself:

Who am I? Why am I learning? What will I do with my learning? How will it help me to be a productive, useful person in my community?


National Vision for Education in Solomon Islands:

We need Solomon Islanders to develop as individuals. To possess knowledge, skills, understanding and good attitudes needed to earn a living as well as to live in harmony with each other and their environment. We also look to the future where all of us are united and we are all in peace and harmony with fair and equitable opportunities for all.

Education is for a better future for Solomon Islands.


National Anthem of Solomon Islands:

God Save our Solomon Islands from shore to shore

Blessed all our people and all our lands

With your protecting hands

 Joy, Peace, Progress and Prosperity

That men shall brothers be, make nations see

Our Solomon Islands, our Solomon Islands

Our nation Solomon Islands

Stands forever more.



Take ownership of what you have learnt. How will it help you contribute to the vision for Solomon Islands? What can we do about the knowledge we have learnt over the previous lessons?


1) Talk to your family about how you can work together to improve life in your home and how you can help to build the community.


2) Think about the National Language in your own language. Could you translate it?


3) Write a song or poem about your family or community, church, etc.

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  • This is great learning site Jessie,
    thanks indeed

  • Congratulations on this great work! Other countries in the region can learn from the Solomon Islands work here.

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