Year 4-6 Learning Continuity

6 May: Year 4-6 Who and Where You Are in Place and Time 1

Student Learning Continuity Program
Student Learning Continuity Program
6 May: Year 4-6 Who and Where You Are in Place and Time 1

This is the first session of the Year 4-6 Student Learning Continuity Program, an educational learning series for students, designed and made possible by the  Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development of Solomon Islands.


Who and where you are in space and time


Family and Friends


  • Mrs Christina Rore from the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD)
  • Mrs Lovelyn Pitawao, Year 4 teacher at the Florence Young Christian School (FYCS)
  • Mrs Beverly Hanirara Year 5 teacher at the FYCS and
  • Mrs Marilyn Tapidaka Year 6 teacher at the FYCS.

Sogo’s Story

My name is Sogo. I grow up in a small remote village on Guadalcanal Province. The village is surrounded by mountains, forests, and streams. The air is fresh and cool. We grow different types of food on the slopes of the mountains. We get fish, shells, and prawns from the streams. Dad goes to the town once a month to buy rice, soap, sugar, and other things. I go to a school run by the Seventh Day Adventist Church. I am in Year 5 in the Upper Primary school. I have to walk for one hour to get there. I think living in the mountains is healthier than living in a large town.

Imagination Activity

Now that you have read Sogo’s story, you will use your imagination to compare and think of your own environment/area around where you live.

Get your exercise book and pen/pencil, as you are going to draw and write something down:

  • First, think (as you imagine in your mind) and draw the environment where you live
  • Next, what can you see, smell, feel, hear or taste in the environment where you live?

For example:

  • I can see boys and girls laughing and playing
  • I can smell the scent of the beautiful flowers
  • I can feel the cold breeze of the wind
  • I can hear the sound of birds singing high up in the trees
  • I can taste the sweet banana fruit outside the house
  • Now, what can you say about your environment? Do you think your environment is clean and safe to live in?


Year 4 Activity

You are to think of ways how to protect the water sources in your environment to make sure that they are safe for drinking.

Here you will list two (2) ways that is how to protect our water sources and draw a picture of it.

Year 5 Activity

Answer the question “What is pollution?”

First, define the word pollution in your own words.

Then, draw a picture of a polluted environment.


Year 6 Activity

You will think of two ways that your family and the people in your community will keep the environment clean.

Draw a picture of each of these two ways.

Final Activity

You are to write two sentences answering these two questions:

  1. What have you learnt?
  2. What was it that you enjoyed most in our first session today?

To help you write your sentences, you can begin the sentences by saying:

  • I have learnt that ________________________________
  • In today’s session what I have enjoyed most was ________________________________________

Finally, this session helps you to appreciate who you are and where you are now with your friends and family. Furthermore, it helps you to think of ways that you can make your environment/are around where you live clean and safe.

In the next session, we will continue the theme of “Who and where you are in space and time”. The topic will be “Family and Friends”.

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