Year 4-6 Learning Continuity

8th July: TPSA1 Personal Hygiene

Student Learning Continuity Program
Student Learning Continuity Program
8th July: TPSA1 Personal Hygiene

This is the first session of the Teacher and Parent Support and Awareness programs for Years, 4-6.


  • Madam Lovelyn Pitawao
  • Madam Beverly Hanirara
  • Madam Marilyn Tapidaka
  • Mrs Christina Rore (MEHRD)

Topic: Personal Hygiene is Very Important

As we are still in the emergency period, today’s session is purposely for teachers and parents to continually  encourage our students and children on how to keep practising personal hygiene by keeping our school, home and community environment clean, safe and healthy.

And so, our session for today will be focusing on the Key Messages and Actions which You as teachers and Parents at school and at home can do to support and help our students and our children to continue learning despite of the situation we are in (and that is we are within the COVID – 19 emergency state).

What we will be mostly covering with you are the importance of the following key messages and Actions so that you promote them at the schools and in our homes.

And they are as follows:

  • Personal Hygiene (personal cleanliness ; body and hand washing)
  • Hand Hygiene- steps of proper hand washing
  • Respiratory Hygiene
  • Maintaining a Healthy Environment

Remember that these key messages and actions are to promote behaviours that will help prevent and reduce spread of COVID 19 and other respiratory/ airborne infections like cold and flu.

And so the key question is: What are some ways teachers and parents can advise our students and children to practice behaviours that will reduce/ prevent spread of COVID 19 and other airborne/ respiratory infections?

Hand Hygiene

Quest: How do we practice hand hygiene?

  • We must always emphasise the importance of hand washing to our students during recess and lunch times;
  • Before entering the classroom
  • Always wash hands after touching things or objects
  • Wash hands before preparing food, before eating and after eating.
  • Wash hands after going to the toilet

At School

  • Social Distancing (put up signs for direction)
  • Wash hands with soap and water /use hand sanitizer that contain 60% alcohol.
  • Do not share objects (e.g. pens, food)
  • Put up awareness posters
  • Ensure Visitors must follow schools rules on hygiene and social distancing when they enter the school compound

At Home

  • stay at home
  • Wash hands before preparing food, after
  • visiting the toilet/before eating etc.
  • Emphasise the importance of whole body cleanliness
  • Do not encourage community social events
  • Provide standpipe and soap for hand washing for visitors/ other relatives/friends
  • Wash hands after playing games (Ludo)

Respiratory Hygiene

At School and At Home

Quest: When do we practice Respiratory Hygiene?

  • Cover nose/mouth with a tissue when coughing or sneezing.
  • When coughing, use a mask or hand kerchief.
  • Use disposable tissues and discard into a bin after use.
  • Wash hand as soon as after having contact or touching with respiratory secretions
  • Avoid contact with droplets or secretions of saliva, mucus and tears
  • Keep a distance with persons who have symptoms of respiratory illness, such as coughing or sneezing and cold or flu

Here are some ways where we can improve our respiratory health:

  • Stop smoking and stay away from second hand smoke.
  • Avoid indoor and outdoor air pollution.
  • Avoid exposure (Keep a distance- 1 or 2 meter) to people who have the flu or other viral infections.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet/ meal; example, greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean meats and fresh local food from the garden or from the market.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • See a nurse or doctor –local/ near clinic if you feel sick.

Maintaining a Safe Healthy Environment

Who will practice maintaining Healthy  Environment?

It is important to establish and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment at your school and classroom. As teachers we need to know that the important things about clean school and classroom affects the health and safety of our students. Germs and bacteria are a part of life. … Without basic cleanliness, a classroom turns into a playground for spreading bacteria and viruses.

Tips for a Clean and safe Classroom

  • Educate your students about proper hand washing.
  • Stock up on cleaning supplies.
  • Clean off any shared objects in the room like keyboards, writing utensils and chairs.
  • Discuss healthy behaviour during your class.
  • Encourage parents to keep their sick children home.
  • Clean with detergents or soap when mopping floors or carpets and also clean or sanitised couches to reduce and kill germs.

As Teachers, it is also important that we must ensure students, parents and visitors must follow the school rules on safety, healthy environment when enter school and classroom.

What are some ways to maintain a healthy environment at school, at home and in the community?

  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces like desk and tables or even doors
  • Water Systems (e.g. regularly clean tanks, pipes, kitchen sinks used by staffs and students )
  • Proper good ventilation


  • To conclude our session for today here are the Key Messages from the MEHRD:
    • MEHRD and NGOs around the country would like to work together to support our children and young people with their education in communities.
    • We are putting in place a project to support learners whether schools are open or not (in relation to COVID-19).
    • The project aims to reinforce learning through traditional knowledge, values and customs. To reintroduce story–telling of custom stories through media.
    • As NGOs, FBOs, community committees, etc, if you would like to know more about this project and possibly support activities in your community please get in touch.
    • Phone numbers 7402612 & 8972620.
    • Our website
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