Year 4-6 Learning Continuity

3 June: Session 5 Literacy, Social Studies and Health Education

Student Learning Continuity Program
Student Learning Continuity Program
3 June: Session 5 Literacy, Social Studies and Health Education

This is the 5th Session of the Student Learning Continuity Program made possible by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development.

Topic: Family and Friends – Looking after our environment

Presenters: Janedel Baeto (MEHRD), Lovelyn Pitawao (Year 4), Beverly Hanirara (Year 5), Marilyn Tapidaka (Year 6)


Answers from Session 4:

Year 4 Maths Question 1: In Elisha‘s story, she joined 3 groups at home and at school she also joined 2 other groups. How many groups altogether did Elisha Join?

Answer = 5 groups

Science Question 2: If she was the goal shooter in her team, she would be applying forces when throwing the ball into the ring. A force is a pull or a push. What type of a force was applied when Elisha catch the ball and throw it into the ring?

Answer = Push force.

Year 5 Maths Elisha learnt several subjects, they are; math, English, health, science and social studies. In a day she learnt 5 subjects.

Question 1: What is the total number of lessons she learnt in 10 days.

Answer: 5 subjects x 10 days = 50 lessons (Multiply the number of subjects by the number of school days in two weeks).

Science Question 2: Name 2 of the body systems that makes body movements possible.

Answer: Skeletal system and Muscular system.

Year 6 Maths If the total estimated population of Sikaiana Island is 1,546.

Round off the total estimated population of 1,546 to the nearest thousand.

Answer = 2,000.

Science What kind of a force do you use to:

  • Move forward a wheel barrow in the garden. (Stand behind the wheelbarrow to move it). – push force
  • To win a tug of War. – pull force.
  • To turn the door handle/turn a tap. – twist force.


Today’s Activities:

Story – Old Mana

Before old Mana died, he took his sons to the forest behind the Village. “I do not have much to give you except this land. I will split it between the two of you”. He showed his sons a boundary that divided the land. Garry, the eldest, received the land east of the boundary. His second son, John, had the land on the West side.

“Look after this land. It has provided our family with crops and building materials. It is our hunting ground”, said Mana.

Later, a logging company visited the village. The company offered money to landowners if they allowed the company to cut down trees for timber. Garry said, “Yes” and took the money. John refused. Six months later, the trees on Garry’s land had all been cut down. The company moved on to the next Village. Garry used his money to build an iron-roofed house. He bought a water tank, a generator and a video. Then his money run out. He could not buy food from the shops. His family become hungry. The loggers had destroyed his gardening land. He went to John’s house and saw bags of taro and potatoes. John was busy cleaning the wild pig he had caught in the forest. . Garry had to beg food from John to feed his family.


As you listen to the story being read in the podcast, read along and take note of how the speaker uses their voice to read with expression:

  • full stop between sentences – longer pause
  • comma (in a sentence) – short pause
  • speech marks – indicate where a character within the story is speaking to someone

Now, read the story out loud and try to put the pauses in the right places by taking note of full stops and commas.

Social Studies:

Year 4 Q1: Do you think it was a good decision John made to refuse the logging company to operate in his land? WHY or WHY NOT?

Year 5 Q1: In the old mana’s story, his son Garry used his money to build an Iron roofed house. He bought a water tank, a generator and a video. List 2 ways that Garry could have used his money more wisely.

Year 6 Q1: Think back on Old Mana’s story, about the forest and logging to answer these questions. List 2 advantages or benefits that the forest provide for your family and community.


Year 4 Q2: In the Text or story… The loggers had destroyed Garry’s gardening land and cut down all the trees on his land. From the money he received, Garry bought a water tankWhy did Garry have to buy a water tank?

Year 5 Q2: Think back on Old Mana’s story, Garry went to John’s house and saw bags of taro and potato. Which food group does Taro and potato belongs to?

Year 6 Q2: How do human activities, for example; logging the forest affect your health and well-being?  List 3 examples



In this session you have learned to use three (3) punctuation marks and they are: Full stop, comma and speech marks,

You’ve learned that the use of these punctuation marks (full stop, comma & speech marks) will help improve your reading fluency so that what you read would be also interesting and meaningful.

So as in this session, you have learned that the Concepts (main ideas) in literacy, Social studies and Health Education are connected to the story about ‘Old Mana’s land’ and with the theme on ‘Looking after our Environment’ that should enable you to apply the knowledge and attitude in taking care of our environment and the resources in the land for the use of our families and community and the future generation.

And also to our good teachers, you can listen to our radio session as a supporting information to your classroom teaching.


Therefore, for further information, you can contact us on: 28803/28804 and ask for either; Mr. Gideon Sukumana or Mrs. Christina Rore at MEHRD, Tongs Building, Honiara. 

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