Year 4-6 Learning Continuity

27 May: Session 4 Science and Maths

Student Learning Continuity Program
Student Learning Continuity Program
27 May: Session 4 Science and Maths

This is the fourth session of the Years 4, 5 and 6 Student Learning Continuity Program, made possible by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development.

Topic: Science and Maths

Presenters: Mrs Christina Rore (MEHRD), Madam Lovelyn Pitawao (Year 4), Madam Beverly Hanirara (Year 5), Madam Marilyn Tapidaka (Year 6) 

Recap of Previous Session – Answers

Year 4

Q1 What does Elisa need to do after cough and sneeze?

  • Wash her hands often with water and soap
  • Use sanitizer to clean hands if there is no water and soap
  • Wash hands every time

Q 2 Which Island group does sikaiana belong to?


Year 5

Q1 Which Island province did Elisha attended primary school ?


Q2 What are some things Elisha need to do to keep her body clean after dancing and exercise?

  • Bath and wash her body
  • Clean her body with soap
  • Put on perfume / spray/ roll-on deodorant

Year 6

Q 1 Why do we need to practice and maintain a healthy lifestyle

  • Keep body fit and healthy
  • Avoid /prevent Diseases or sickness
  • Maintain general health and well being.

Q 2 What are the different groups in your community? Write down at least three.

  • Sport groups, Sunday or sabbath school, church group, youth group, women’s group, men’s group etc

Today’s Lesson:

Today we will re-read Elisha’s story and then answer some different questions.

My name is Elisha. I come from Sikaiana island. I attended Tenavatu primary school on Guadalcanal. At school I learnt about several subjects such as Math, English, Health, Science and Social studies. In health subject I learnt about the importance of personal body hygiene and washing hands. In science subject I learnt about forces and the main systems of  the body.

In the morning I am in my family group. At school I am in my class group. I am in the netball team too. In church I am in the children’s choir group. In my village I am in the girls’ dancing group. I like dancing group most because l learnt about body movements to different types of music. I belong to many groups.


Our session today will further help you to understand how we can use every day or real life examples that apply or use mathematics and science ideas. As you work through these activities with your parents, family members or friends, the activities should also help you to discover new ways of thinking and solving problems. Making sense of the world where we live in requires science and maths ideas.

At the end of this session You will be expected to;

  • Apply and use addition to solve word problem
  • Understand and choose or use most appropriate strategies to solve multiplication problems.
  • Know how to round numbers accurately up to millions.
  • Recognise that we use force when things change in shape, when move or stop or change direction.
  • Know the body systems and how they function or work.
  • Understand and do simple investigation to demonstrate the effects of a force on an object( how force is applied or works on an object)

Activities: Maths

Year 4 Maths –  In Elisha‘s story, she joined 3 groups at home and at school she also joined 2 other groups.

How many groups altogether did Elisa join?


Year 5 Maths – Elisha learn’t several subjects, they are; maths, English, health science and social studies. In a day she learnt 5 subjects.

What is the total number lessons she learnt in 10 days?


Year 6 Maths – Elisha learnt in maths about rounding off numbers to the nearest thousand. If the total estimated population of Sikaiana is 1,546.

 Round off the total estimated population of 1,546 to the nearest thousand.


Activities: Science 

Year 4 Science – In Elisha’s story, she joined the school netball team. If she was the goal shooter in her team, she would be applying forces when throwing the ball into the ring. A force is a pull or a push.

Go outside with family member or friend.  Play throwing and catching a ball, then answer this question.

What type of forces are applied when Elisa catches the ball and throws it into the ring?

Year 5 Science – Elisha likes her dancing group the most because she learnt about different body movements. At school she also learnt about the different body systems in science subject. Our body have different systems, they are:

  • Digestive system: how food is breakdown and processed in stomach/the body
  • Respiratory system: breathing organs- Lungs processing of oxygen and carbon dioxide
  • Circulatory system: blood travels through blood vessels, arteries, heart),
  • Nervous system: nerves and chemicals communicate with other body system
  • Skeletal system: 200 plus bones support posture and body and
  • Muscular system 600 plus muscles that attached to skeleton to support and help  body parts move with ease

All the systems of the body all work together.

Think what parts of the body are you using when you and move and dance.

Name 2 of the body systems Elisha uses when she dances and moves.


Year 6 Science –  Elisha learnt about Force in science. A force means a push or pull. A pull force is applied when we move things forward. A push force is applied when we move things away from us. Pushing, pulling and twisting are examples of forces people use in their everyday lives.

With your parent or friends go outside and try  to do these to find out what type of force and write the answers in your book.

What kind of a force do you use to

  • Move forward a wheel barrow in the garden ( stand behind the wheelbarrow to move it)?
  • Win a tug of war?
  • Turn the door handle/ turn a tap or bottle lid?


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