Year 4-6 Learning Continuity

20 May: Session 3 Being a Member of a Group

Student Learning Continuity Program
Student Learning Continuity Program
20 May: Session 3 Being a Member of a Group

This is the third session for Years 4-6 of the Student Learning Continuity Broadcast, made possible by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development.

Topic: Being a Member of a Group (Family and Friends Continued from Session 1)

Presenters: Mrs Christina Rore, Madam Lovelyn Pitawao, Madam Beverly Hanirara and Madam Marilyn Tapidaka

Today’s activity involves reading a short story about Elisha and then answering some questions from the story.

Elisha’s Story

My name is Elisha. I come from Sikaiana Island. I attended Tenavatu Primary School on Guadalcanal Island. At school I learnt about several subjects such as Maths, English, Health, Science and Social Studies. In Health subject, I learnt about the importance of personal body hygiene and washing hands. In the morning, I am in my family group. At school, I am in my class group. I am in the netball team too. In church, I am in the children’s choir group. In my village, I am in the girl’s dancing group. I like the dancing group the most because I learnt about body movements to different types of music. I belong to many groups.

At school Elisha also learnt about the importance of personal hygiene, cleanliness and healthy living.

These are the 6 important hygiene points Elisha learnt at school:

1) Cover your nose when you cough and sneeze

2) Use a tissue, handkerchief, your upper shirt, your shirt or blouse when you cough and sneeze

3) Throw the tissue right away into the bin after use

4) Wash your hands often with water and soap or hand sanitizer

5) Wash your hands every time immediately after coughing or sneezing

6) Avoid spitting but if you need to spit, spit into a tissue and then immediately throw it away into a bin.


Questions for Year 4:

Social Studies – Which Province group does Elisha belong to?

Health – What does Elisha need to do after coughing and sneezing?


Questions for Year 5:

Social Studies: From the text, you heard that Elisha came from Sikaiana and attended Tenavatu Primary School. She had to travel from Sikaiana to Guadalcanal for school. In which Island Province did Elisha attend Primary School?

Health: At school Elisha learnt about the importance of washing her hands after touching things and washing her body after being involved in physical activities, before preparing or eating food and after going to the toilet.

Why is it important for Elisha to wash her hands and clean her body after dancing and exercise? Give three reasons.


Questions for Year 6:

Social Studies: Elisha is part of different groups in her community. What are the different groups in your community? For example, Sunday school.

Health: Why do we need to practice and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Give three reasons.

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