PPY Sensory Motor and Health


Presenters: Nestor, Sama and Diana

Target Audience: Teachers and Parents

Today’s Topic: Sensory Motor and Health


A transcript in Pijin is available: Sensory Motor and Health PPY program_pijin

Recap from Previous Session: Social Studies

Social studies (SS) is a fourth learning area in PPY curriculum.

 What is social studies?

  • Social studies is a study of people in relation to each other and to their communities (world).
  • “The primary purpose of social studies is to help young people make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world.”

 What is thankfulness or thank you?

  • Thankfulness is showing gratitude, gratefulness, appreciation, to others.

Today’s Session: Sensory Motor and Health

  • What is sensory motor and health?

 The Sensory Motor and Health studies are integrated studies that focus on health and safety knowledge and motor skills for health and positive brain development.

  • Our value theme: Unity 

What is unity?

 United is lives in harmony, works and lives together, team worker, values community, accept multi-ethnic communities.



ACTIVITY 1: Name people who help and protect us.

  1. Police:
    • To keep law and order.
    • For example if two young man fight using weapons call the police to settle the issue.
  2. Nurse:
    • Is to look after the clinics and hospitals around our community.
  3. Teacher:
    • Look after all schools around our community and teach children how to read and write.
  4. Pastor/ Priest:
    • To look after church and lead community with spiritual practices with care and love.
  5. Chief:
    • To look after people in the villages and organize small happen at home.

ACTIVITY 2. Safety handle potential harmful substances.

For examples: Things we have at home like…

  • Knife
  • Chemicals
  • Needles
  • Medicine
  • Axe
  • Poison plants.
  • Bow and arrow
  • Handling of food.
  • Spear
  • Water we drink.
  • Fishing hooks.
  • Any sharp objects.


Questions: what should we do if children want to play and use any of these instrument that are harmful to us?

ACTIVITY 3. Safety Environment.

  1. Safety place in the sea or rivers.
  • No swim or play near the current, deep places, or play near the big waves breaks.
  • Swim in swallow places only.
  • No swim when the river is flood.
  1. Safety place in the bush.
  • When you walk and play in the bush please look for any sharp materials it might prick your hands and legs.
  • Play on the clear place with the concern of your parents.
  • Do not play with snakes, centipede and other insect in the bush.
  • Do not go far to where your parents is.
  • Do not climb on the trees.
  • Do not go inside the dark caves.
  1. Safety road practices home/ urban.
  • Look left and right before cross the road.
  • Do not play near the main road.
  • Always follow direction which your parent says.

4. Safety practices how to climb trees.

  • Do not climb too high.
  • Do not climb to the end of the branches.
  • Do not hold to a dead branches.
  • Hold strong to the branches when you climb.

5. Safety practices to travel by boat or canoe.

  • Do not stand when you travel on the car or boat.
  • Always sit down comfortable.
  • Sit down with balance in canoe/boat.

Answer: Remember to ask permission to your parents if they yes then you are allow to use them, if they say NO, then do not use them.


ACTIVITY: 4.Emergency safety practices.

  1. Earth quake.
  • Stand still and go under the table or cub board.
  • Lean on the wall.
  • Listen well to the adult.
  1. Flooding
  • No play near the river or streams or on the running water.
  • No go near river or stream.
  • Listen to the adult.
  • Go to higher ground.
  1. Tsunami
  • Follow instruction.
  • No go near the sea.
  • Go to higher ground.

4. Cyclone

  • No go near the tree.
  • No go near the river.
  • Stay safe at home.
  • Go to higher ground.


ACTIVITY 5. Story telling: 


Claire just to eat medicine from the doctor. She liked the taste, Every time she felt a little bit sick she went running to her mother to ask for some yummy medicine. When her mummy gave her some medicine she would ask for even more. Her mother tried to tell her that extra medicine was no good. You must take just the right amount of medicine. Claire did not want to listen to that. She still wanted more.

One night, she had a very strange dream. In her dream she could see a strange story inside her body. Little yellow balls were rolling through a long tunnel to the other end. At the other end the little yellow balls would fall down into her feet. They would make her want to run and dance and play.

Before long, they began to run out of little yellow balls. After a while, her feet became empty and she did not want to run and dance and play anymore. The child was becoming sick.

Fortunately, the child soon took some medicine and the little yellow balls started appearing again. Her feet filled up and she started to feel happy, like before.

Suddenly, a loud bell started to ring. The child had eaten too much medicine!

Just then, hundreds of enormous yellow balls appeared all at one time. They were big and heavy. They were so heavy that they could hardly move. Suddenly, there was a big problem. The tunnel was filled up and blocked by the big yellow balls. The balls were pushing the tunnel, harder and harder. Then the tunnel started to break into pieces and bits of tunnel and balls were falling everywhere in her body.

Clair suddenly woke up. She had a big fright.

Claire thought about her dream. She understood that taking her medicine was a good thing when she was sick. Now she knew it could be dangerous if she took too much medicine. From then on, she only wanted to take medicine when she really needed it. When she took her medicine she would say to her mother, “Just the right amount, OK? I don’t want my body filling up with the big yellow balls.”


  1. What is title of the story?

Answer: The yellow balls.

  1. Who is the name of the girl in the story?

Answer: Claire

  1. What was Claire’s dream is all about?

Answer: The little yellows balls were rolling through a long tunnel to other end.


Resources appropriate in Sensory Motor and Health areas.( Ms Diana)

All PPY Materials, reading books, Value theme picture of unity, Pictures of people in the community, pictures of policeman, police women, nurse, doctor, pastor, teacher, pictures of earth quake, flooding, tsunami and cyclone, water tank.

  1. What are the Teachers and parents role.

Teachers roles:

  • At school if you have all those handle potential harmful substances, such as knives, spade, chemical, needles, or any sharp objects, and also medicine. It’s a must that we must have well locked storage room for these materials, and a medical kit for the medicine and have good information before given to the child.
  • Learn some ways to use them well for examples hold carefully and cut carefully with knives, wash hands after using chemicals.
  • A school must have a disaster management plan for all disaster affecting the school. Which the school will practice well with children to master it and avoid panic and leads to accident within the children and students as well.
  • The school surrounding area must be safe for examples: check and removed any harmful objects before children arriving for classes.
  • The indoor and outdoor must be clean and safe for all children.
  • All playing resources used in the activities must be safe and clean at all times.
  • Have safety and healthy rules at school.


  1. Parents Roles:

Safety is one of the very important roles for us teach our children at home and as well at home.

  • We must introduce some simples rules at school and at home in order for safety been practiced for our children to enjoy their studies and achieved their living.
  • We must care and loved our children at school and as well at home.
  • So that our home and school will be a happy and enjoyable place for our children to live and learn.
  • It is good to educate our children how to handle them with care.
  • Have proper storage room for this materials.
  • Teachers and parents to worked together.
  • Have safety and healthy rules at home.


Summary: To summarize our session for today we are going sing one song. So all children sing along with us while we sing this songs.


Taem hem earthquake(2x)

Ground hem seke(2x)

You no go ran araon(2x)Sit down quite

Against the wall

Then walk slowly out the door

Listen to the teacher- Earthquake.


I have two hands the left and the right.

Hold them high so clean and bright

Clap them softly

123 clean little hands and good for me.



  • Teachers it is our roles to provide a safe and healthy environment for the school.
  • When all children’s arrived at school greet them nicely and meets their needs at school.
  • Talk and explain nicely to the children at school so that all children enjoyed and willing to come to school every day.
  • Provide conducive learning environment for all children to learn and explore things around them.
  • Also parents and guardians let there be a safety place at home for children to live and grow.
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