PPY Sample Day

Today’s Topic: A PPY Sample Day

Presenters: Nestor, Sama and Diana

Target Audience: Teachers and Parents


Recap from previous session: The six dispositions in the PPY Program.

 What is disposition?

The dispositions or capabilities, are ways or life where every learners’ need to acquire in order for them to have a life/living that is acceptable with in their school, family, community and society.

  1. Critical Thinker:
  • Teaching will encourage curiosity and question asking.
  • It will help children identify problems, seek information, and explore solutions.

 2. Communicator:

  • Teaching will invite learners to ask questions
  • To communicate information, express feelings verbally and share ideas.
  • It will also encourage communications through the visual and performing arts.

 3. Collaborator:

  • Teaching will require learners to work cooperatively with others in group activities to actively contribute to activities and to respond peacefully to others.

 4. Creator:

  • Teaching will identify options that learners can choose from,
  • give children tasks that require them to take individual and group action,
  • And give children tasks that require them to take initiative or produce creative and original ideas.

 5. Good character:

  • Teaching will actively encourage good character by teaching of the 12 values.

6. Good citizen:

  • Teaching of SE1, and SS.1 will focus on good citizenship.


Today’s Session: Sample One Day PPY Program

Teachers take note! The learning activities in the PPY program are called Activity Times, and in the PPY Teaching and Learning Time Table there are 6 Activity Times. These are;

  • Talk Time: 40 minutes
  • Story Time: 40 minutes
  • Move Time 1: 35 minutes
  • Think Time: 45 minutes
  • Try Time: 45 minutes
  • Move Time 2: 30 minutes

All these activity times must be taught in a day session. Do not omit any of them, because they are all linked to the Value Theme for that week.

Today we will be doing a one day lesson for PPY Year level:  

TERM 4:  WEEK 5:  DAY 2 (TG1, Pg. 314-315)

This can be downloaded from the PPY Resources Page:

Our Value theme: Respectful (Rose shows respect)

 1.       TALK TIME Activity:

What is respect?

Respect is caring enough to consider how words and actions impact others.

Lesson 1. Respect in other languages in the Solomon Islands

  • Malaita – Man ta baita (Lau)
  • Choiseul – ko pada pada
  • Makira – Ha’ahou
  • Isabel – na’a fa legu
  • Ngela – Ganaganamava
  • Western Province – Pinamanga
  • Guadalcanal – kukuni
  • Rennell and Bellona  – Haka Eha eha

Now today children we are going to do a morning talk how you display this value of respect at home.


Lesson 2. Share morning news

Dainah shares her experience that her mother told her to refill the water and she did and then her mother appreciated her.


Lesson 3. Whisper game

Play a whisper game:

  • invite all children to sit in a circle.
  • whisper a message into the ear of the first learner.
  • then the learners pass the message around the circle by whispering into their neighbour’s ear.


2: STORY TIME Activity


Rose was sitting on the grass listening to an elder. The elder was a very old man. He did not come out of his house very often because his back and legs did not work very well anymore.

Rose knew that the elder was a very wise man. He had seen many things. He had seen children grow into men and women. He had seen villages grow and change. He had seen old things disappear and new things come. He had even seen the war and all the terrible things it had done to the people and the land.

Whenever Rose saw the old elder come out she would sit at his feet and listen. She knew she should respect him for his old age and wisdom, but she really liked his stories too.

On this day, Rose was listening to another story. The elder was talking about a time when his family ran away to hide in caves in the hills. Some dangerous men and warriors came. They burnt down houses and shouted but the family was safe because they did a smart thing.

While Rose was listening, she noticed that her friend’s basket was next to her. Her friend had some colorful papers and pencils in her basket. Rose thought she would reach in and touch them and play with them for a little while.

Just then, the elder’s voice became quite loud. “Respect!” he called out. “Respect. Those men and warriors did not show respect for the people or their land. They did not show respect for their houses or their lives. They did not care about anyone else.”

Rose stopped. She thought about what the wise, old elder said. The soldiers did not respect the people and went into their land and houses and even destroyed them. Rose looked at her friend’s basket. If she went into her friend’s basket and touched her colorful papers and pencils she would not have respect either. Rose did not want to be like the bad men and warriors from long ago. She wanted to show care and respect. She put her hands in her lap and did not touch anything that belonged to her friend. Instead, she waited for more wise stories from the elder.



1.       What was the name of the girl in the story?

Ans: Rose.


2.       What is the title of the story?

Ans: Rose shows respect.


3.       What did the elders voice say?

Ans: Respect.


3.  MOVE TIME 1 Activity

 Tongue twisters:

 Fuzzy Wuzzy

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear

A bear was fuzzy wuzzy

When Fuzzy Wuzzy lost his hair

He wasn’t fuzzy, was he?



I scream, You scream

We all scream for ice-cream.


4. THINK TIME Activities:

Free drawing:

Draw anything you have received from your parents or anyone and you say thank you to them.

For example: dress, t-shirt, balls, nice food, favourite fruits like coconut, apple, orange, and birthday cakes


5. TRY TIME Activities:

Counting numbers

Let’s clap our hands and count our numbers one to 10 forward and backwards.

Now children we clap our hands together and you count numbers in your language.


6: MOVE TIME 2 Activity:

Our exercises is we will introduce how to peel banana.

Peel the banana (2x)

Peel peel peel

Squeeze the banana(2x)

Squeeze squeeze squeeze

Eat the banana(2x)

Eat eat eat.



Teachers Roles: 

  • Plan and prepare lessons plan in advance
  • Provide resources that are appropriate in the environments or surrounding of the schools
  • Involve all children to take part of the activities.
  • Apply kind and loving tone of voices to the children during learning activity times.
  • The explanation of the activity must be clear to the children’s level.
  • Discuss with parents the progressive of the child in the classes activities


Parents roles:

  • Show love and kindness to children at home before learning takes place at home.
  • Encourage children to do their extra homework if it’s provided by teachers.
  • Provide enough learning resources such as seeds, sticks, paper, books and crayons, pencil.
  • Always remind the COVID 19 rules at home.
  • Remind children to respect other people in the house or in school and in the community.
  • Tell stories about how to respect other children, and older people in the community.




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