Year 10-12 Learning Continuity Packages

5 June, 2020: Literature – Poetry 1

Student Learning Continuity Program
Student Learning Continuity Program
5 June, 2020: Literature - Poetry 1

This is the first poetry session for Years 10-12 of the Student Learning Continuity Program.

The topic for the broadcast was Poetry. Read the following poem and then do the activities which follow.

“A Rainbow Of Hope”

© Beryl L Edmonds

Published: April 20, 2020

1 God will paint rainbows in the sky
Once again for the world and I.
Signs that will tell us all is well,
Freedom from this grim living hell.

5 I know one day the sun will shine.
Dark clouds above will disappear with time.
Some won’t make the journey home.
Some will sadly die all alone.

9 But just like time, all things will pass,
For nothing’s ever made to last.
Then once again we’ll be on our way
When dawn awakes to a bright new day.

13 The streets will come alive again.
Shops will open, buzzing again.
But the best moments will be when
Family and friends meet again.



LITERARY TERMS – A Rainbow of Hope Poem

  1. For a poem words written in a space together is called a line. And lines join together to form a stanza. Just like in a paragraph, there are words in sentences combined in a meaningful way.
  2. Imagery means pictures made out of words. For example,”the blue bag is on the table”.
  3. Metaphor is to compare 2 different things with same characteristics/things such as the phrase, “he is a pig”. This can mean this person is untidy or eats in a way that is noisy and fast similarly close to pigs.
  4. Rhymes are words with same sounds but have different meanings. Like “search” and “church”. To search for something is about looking for where a person or a thing is, but church is where people go to pray.
  5. Theme is the main idea that is explained in the poem, including the poet’s view on it.



 Listen to each statement read and answer following instructions.

  1. In stanza 1, the word “rainbows” is used. What do you think it means? 1mk


  1. For stanza 2, write down one advantage and one disadvantage effect to people with covid-19 cases. 2mks


  1. Explain the main idea in stanza 3 in one sentence. 1mk


  1. Can you describe what the people want to do after the lockdown period is over in one sentence in stanza 4? 2mks


  1. Listen to the poem read and list one example of an end rhyme. 1mk End rhymes appear at the end of lines. Examples in the poem are “sky and I” with “well and hell” in stanza 1. Now listen to the poem being read to identify these words clearly from stanzas 2 and 3.


  1. In one sentence, write down the main idea of the poem. 1mk
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