Year 10-12 Learning Continuity Packages

3rd July, 2020: Economics and Commerce

Student Learning Continuity Program
Student Learning Continuity Program
3rd July, 2020: Economics and Commerce

Topic: Economics and Commerce

Presenter: Jeffery Ogamauri

Printable summary:


  • Business is vital to the economy:
    • availability of goods and services – prices go lower, people can access the things they need
    • creates economic growth – when business produces many products and services, many economic activities are occurring, the economy becomes strong.
    • improves standard of living – people can afford things they need to improve their lifestyle
  • Economic Problems:
    • Scarcity of resources – prices go up, or are unavailable
  • Production:
    • enhances specialization
    • division of labour – different people produce different things that are needed
    • creates interdependency
    • Factors of production:
      • Labour – workforce participation rate, employment, SI has high levels of unemployment
      • Land – availability of land and sea resources
      • Capital – infrastructure, investment, economic development
      • Enterprise – management of the resources available, opportunities, risks, initiatives, profit-motivators
    • Industries:
    • 4 Basic Economic Questions – to solve the economic problems
      • What to produce out of the limited resources?
      • How much? Quantity?
      • How to produce?
      • For whom are we producing the resources? What is the market?
    • Economies – complex systems as production of a huge variety of goods and services in various industries.
    • Economic policies
    • Production, consumption and price:
      • Productivity – high levels enhances standard of living
      • Price often determines consumption and production – when prices are low, consumption is high. When price is high, encourages production.
      • Supply and demand
      • Price and inflation – affects all users of goods and services. Government has a responsibility to keep prices low enough for population to afford
      • Production and international trade – know how to calculate balance of payments, balance of merchandised trade, current accounts, capital accounts, etc.



Click on this link to see a collection of resources for Senior Secondary Economics

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  • This situation is real.. now that I come to access this education park..
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    Could the learning contents suppose to appear on the final national assessment, 2020?

    • Thank you for your comment. A MEHRD officer will be in contact with you via email to help you with your specific questions.

  • This new page is created by mehrd boasting me how better can improve learning capacity of children through each learning packages. It wonderful if there is online learn direct can also be provided more easier for children who access to internet.

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