Maths 7.2 Number Patterns

Maths 7.2 Number Patterns

Siyavula Whole Numbers and Patterns

These chapters from Siyavula cover outcomes in the Year 7/Form 1 Mathematics curriculum Unit 2: Number Patterns 

The textbook chapter Numeric and Geometric Patterns covers the following topics:

  • Number patterns in sequences
  • Geometric patterns

Download the PDF: 2Maths7_1_Numericgeometricpatterns

The textbook chapter Exponents covers the following topics:

  • Quick squares and cubes
  • Exponential notation (Indices)
  • Squares and cubes
  • The square root and the cube root
  • Comparing numbers in exponential form
  • Calculation

Download the PDF: Siyavula_Yr7_2_Exponents

Part of the chapter Whole Numbers covers:

Factors, prime numbers and common multiples

Download the PDF: Siyavula_Yr7_1.3Factors_primenumbers_commonmultiples


This resource is aligned with Year 7/Form 1 Maths Curriculum:

Unit 7.2 Number Patterns

  • Exploring Number Patterns
  • Multiples and Factors
  • Divisibility Test
  • Exploring Prime and Composites
  • Index Notation
  • Squares and Square Roots
  • Prime Factors
  • Odd and Even


The original PDF text Mathematics Grade 7 by Siyavula Education is licensed under CC BY 3.0 . The book has been separated into chapters.

Siyavula is an organisation based in South Africa which has produced high-quality, curriculum aligned Open Educational Resources in Maths and Science that can be shared, contextualised and accessed by anyone, anywhere. For more information see:

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