Maths 11.5 Linear Inequalities

PhET Sim: Equality Explorer


Simulation Guide: equality-explorer-html-guide_en_compressed


  • Solving Equations
  • Inequalities
  • Inverse Operations


Explore what it means for a mathematical statement to be balanced or unbalanced by interacting with objects on a balance. Discover the rules for keeping it balanced. Collect stars by playing the game!

Sample Learning Goals

  • Solve and manipulate algebraic equations by applying properties of real numbers (in particular, the inverse properties of addition and multiplication) and properties of equality
  • Solve and manipulate algebraic equations by substituting different values for a variable
  • Use a balance model to solve an equation for an unknown, and justify your strategies for solving
  • Solve an equation using only universal operations


This resource is aligned with Year 11/Form 5 Maths Curriculum:

Unit 5 Linear Inequalities

  • Represent inequalities in one variable on a number line
  • Solve linear inequalities
    • one variable
    • multiply and divide an inequality by a negative number
  • Convert between verbally and algebraically stated inequalities
  • Represent simple linear inequalities on a number plane
    • one variable
    • two variables
  • Represent simultaneous inequalities on a number plane as the intersection of their half planes


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Permission is granted to freely use, share, or redistribute PhET sims under the CC-BY license.

Attribution: PhET Interactive Simulations
University of Colorado Boulder

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