Maths 11.4 Coordinate Graphs 6

PhET Sim: Curve Fitting


Simulation Guide: curve-fitting-html-guide_en


  • Polynomials
  • Error Analysis
  • Data


Drag data points and their error bars and watch the best-fit polynomial curve update instantly. You choose the type of fit: linear, quadratic, or cubic. The reduced chi-square statistic shows you when the fit is good. Or you can try to find the best fit by manually adjusting fit parameters.

Sample Learning Goals

  • Explain how the range and uncertainty and number of data points affect correlation coefficient and chi squared
  • Describe how correlation coefficient and chi squared can be used to indicate how well a curve describes the data relationship
  • Apply understanding of Curve Fitting to designing experiments


This activity aligns with learning outcomes for Year 11/Form 5 Solomon Islands Mathematics Curriculum:

Unit 4 Coordinate Graphs 6

  • Identify, sketch and draw accurately various common graphs
    • parabolas
  • Solve simultaneous equations using graphs where one equation is linear and the second is a quadratic equation in the form y = ax²
  • Solve quadratic equations using graphical methods
  • Apply the graphical solution of quadratic equations to problem situations


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