Maths 7.1 Whole Number

Our number system uses ten digits. The position of a digit in a number determines its value. In the system of Place Value, the digits stay in their correct positions during addition and subtraction. Multiplication is the process of adding numbers in a pattern. Division is the process of sharing equally. Estimation and simplification help to make calculation easier. Operations of numbers must be performed in the correct order – BODMAS.



  • Regarding to this as a new platform of learn capacity for our citizenship learners however but i would like to comment on my corner of confusion. wishes if the MEHRD to be uploaded all protocols and learning materials in PDF so that coverage of the system can reach out everywhere for learners and those who access to network and or internet.
    Today population getting increase in homes compare to education accessibility for people but only few. With that unfortunate ones can also in the same canoe too.

  • it is good all should be converted to pdf. which help students to get the notes to help them.

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