Advice for Teachers during COVID-19

As you return to school in Term 2 following the closure of schools due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you will face some new challenges and demands.

These could include:

  • New students
  • Teaching students in split classes or timetables
  • Helping to improve students’ WASH awareness and understanding
  • Catching up learning for students who have missed school

It will be important to work closely with your colleagues and share ideas about how to deal with new challenges.

During this time it will be important to re-establish routines quickly with your students and to talk with them about their experiences while school has been closed.

In the months ahead it is possible that schools may need to close again. Some of the day-to-day activities you do now can help your students prepare for this possibility.

This could include:

  • Supporting student well-being
  • Assessing gaps in student learning and planning how to support these
  • Communicating with parents
  • Readiness for Distance Learning

MEHRD is providing some support for teaching and learning in this time, to assist you with these new challenges. See the following media.

There will be some Learning Packages sent out to all communities in the coming month for students to keep at home to support their learning.

We also plan to broadcast some programs on TTV 1 soon.

We will advise schools again of progress with the above plans.



Linda Wate

Under Secretary Teaching & Learning Division



Download this information as a PDF: Advice for Teachers_Covid19

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